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Dianne Valenza – Post about Donna Slack Singer

This is Greg Slack, his wife Jill Grindstaff Singer (both class of ’61), Donna Slack Singer and her late husband, Al. It was taken several years  ago before Al died. Some of may remember him as the singer and sax player with his group The Chessmen who played at many Teen Towns. He also owned the Terrace Lounge on DeBallivere on the late ’60’s.
This one of my favorite pictures.

St Gabs 1959

From left to right, Greg Slack, his wife Jill Grindstaff Slack, Donna Slack Singer and her late husband Al Singer


Cub Scout Photo

Club Scouts Photo

I remember cub scouts. All Den Mothers were saints! I’m attaching a photo from one of the den meetings (found it in a shoebox among my mother’s things after she passed away in 2006). Recognize anyone? I may be mistaken, but I think that a “chortle” about to emerge from TW’s lips. And Robin . . . well . . .

Dave R

To the best of my knowledge, the current list of our classmates who have passed is:

Bob Altadonna, Don Brennan, Art Combs, Terry Hogan, Rose Horack Armijo, Kathy Justi Henderson, John Schwartz, Bridget Smith Parsons and Bill Yates.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know.


From the left: Tom Utrup, Tom Wagner, Hogan’s older brother (Bill?), Terry Wagner, Dave Ruppert, Bob Hynes, Terry Hogan, John Schweitzer.  Boy obscured in back?  I’ll guess Bill Ramaciotti.

Tom Wagner

Taking a guess here — Tom Wagner, Bill Ramciotti, Dave Ruppert (is that a pocket protector?), Robin (opps Robert) Hines, Terry Hogan and John Schweitzer.  There are 6two that look like Terry Hogan??  And is Terry Steinkoetter in there? Just guessing

Alice Zoerner

Tom Utrup, Tom Wagner (Alice you thought I looked like Ramciotti?), Bill Hogan,  Terry Wagner,  David Ruppert,  Bob Hynes,  Terry Hogan,  John Schweitzer.  The boy obscured in the back is Bill Ramciotti.  

Tom W

Alice and All,


Front Row: Terry Wagner, Dave Ruppert, Robin Hynes & John Schweitzer

Back Row: Tom Utrup, Tom Wagner, Bill Hogan, Bill Ramacciotti & Terry Hogan

Place: Dave Rupert’s back Yard


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